As an industry-leading developer of fleet management technologies, we recognise our role in protecting the environment and helping our clients and partners to build a green economy not only across the UK, but throughout our global footprint. Geotab is committed to integrate sustainable best practices into our decision-making and business activities worldwide. For these reasons, we are proud to support the GreenFleet Awards.

With more than 750 000 connected vehicles situated in over 100 countries around the world, Geotab processes more than 1.7 billion data points each day and provides critical data and business intelligence which enables fleets to achieve greater sustainability and efficiency. The Geotab telematics device, combined with the MyGeotab open-platform and Marketplace solutions, seamlessly provides vehicle status data from all vehicle types and across every industry.

The rich vehicle data provided by Geotab helps green fleets manage travel times, monitor vehicle diagnostics, predict possible breakdowns, optimise asset utilisation and increase productivity, efficiency, safety and compliance.

As a focussed engineering company we are continually advancing our capabilities: in addition to “conventional” petrol and diesel vehicles we support hybrid and electric vehicles as well as alternative and advanced fuel technologies such as CNG, LPG and Hydrogen.

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