Green Motion

Green Motion, the world's first and only true environmentally focused rent a car company, is pleased to once again support the GreenFleet Awards.


The electric vehicle revolution is well underway and sales of EVs are accelerating with an estimated 2 million on the world’s roads today.

Toyota & Lexus Fleet

Toyota was the first to bring a plug-in hybrid vehicle to the market with the original Prius Plug-in. Now we have moved the technology forward in a second generation model which can cover double the distance – more than 30 miles – and achieve much higher speeds in all-electric, emissions-free driving.


IVECO was named Large Goods Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year at the GreenFleet Awards 2016, and is a major player in alternative fuel vans, trucks and minibuses. A partner for sustainable transport, it is ideally positioned to help operators reduce Total Cost of Ownership and emissions, particularly as London prepares for a new Ultra-Low Emission Zone.