The Algorithm People

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Outstanding Achievement Award
Private Sector Fleet of the Year (medium to large)
Private Sector Fleet Manager of the Year

The Algorithm People offers fleet operators a unique approach to decarbonisation. We cut costs and emissions from your existing fleet and provide a proven pathway to electrification.

The first step is to use our proprietary algorithms to optimise your existing vehicles. Route optimisation can benefit any organisation which has vehicles visiting multiple sites per shift, such as deliveries and collections of people and goods, or field workers visiting residents. Our platform is proven to reduce operational costs by up to 30 per cent, including cutting total mileage by up to 20 per cent.

After creating the financial headroom you need to invest in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, we can also provide EV fleet analysis. By taking data from your existing operations, we can give you evidence-based answers as to which vehicles and routes are most suited to electrification. This takes away the guesswork and enables you to build the internal business case for EVs.

Once you have deployed the EVs, our optimisation software ensures that you maximise their usage while remaining within their range capabilities. In this way, you get the best possible environmental and financial return on investment. Our reporting tools also provide clear data to feed into CSR and sustainability reports.

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