Fuelmii brings the fuelling service directly to your doorsteps and fleets. We create value by removing the intermediaries between the refineries and the end customers. We work on-demand, on flexible contracts, and enable a huge reduction of carbon footprint with patented (pending) equipment.

Our 120+ B2B customers take 1 million litres a month, and save on prices, driver overtime, reduced maintenance costs, and increased operational efficiency. Our individual customers love us for the convenience, and value a trusted, trackable, and on-demand service.

In addition to white diesel, we deliver red diesel, AdBlue, and are gearing up for expanding into alternative fuels.

With team members from Toyota, GE, Civil Services, leading aviation firms, ex Fire Brigade and with over a century of total years of experience in the petroleum industry, and boast of ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and FORS Bronze (soon to be Silver) standards and a member of Disabled Motoring UK.

Fuelmii has set the code of practice for mobile on-demand fuel delivery (with APEA - Association for Petroleum & Explosives Administration).

We have now crossed 1 million litres per month of fuel delivery and are soon to increase to 2 million with new depots on the way.

Contact: hello@fuelmii.com
Tel: 0345 222 1045