The Algorithm People

The Algorithm People specialise in ultra-low emission and electric vehicle optimisation utilising cutting edge algorithms proven to generate savings and efficiencies of up to 30%.
We help all business types and organisations become more efficient by increasing vehicle utilisation, reducing costs and cutting emissions.

The Algorithm People

We achieve this for our clients by introducing algorithms into the planning process and identifying where savings and efficiencies can be made.

We can also identify where electric and ultra-low emission vehicles can be introduced into a fleet or organisation and how to optimise these vehicles to achieve the maximum return on investment.

Our algorithms can be delivered as a service or for end users to access via an API or easy to use web-based dashboard, where jobs can be uploaded and resources optimised.

The Algorithm People

There is no software to install, integration to consider or complex set up process. Our approach provides all the benefits of optimisation, without the hassle of implementation…

We offer a pay as you go service; which can make the introduction of our algorithms self-funding from the outset, by the monthly investment in our technology, being less than the savings they generate.

We also provide a benchmark service where we demonstrate the levels of savings and efficiencies we can achieve for your business or organisation and where electric and ultra-low emission vehicles can be introduced.

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