GREENFLEET Award for Outstanding Achievement

The Algorithm People

2021 Winner:


2020 Winner: Nissan GB

2019 Winner: Milk & More

2019 GREENFLEET Award for Outstanding Achievement Winner: Milk & More

Going “electric” is a challenge... but it’s a challenge that this year’s winner was willing to take on, with the aim of massive CO2 and NOx savings, and at the same time, an unprecedented reduction in diesel use too.

The plan began with the analysis of their fleet DNA, assessment of their various depots, in terms of charging and then the vehicles themselves. Elmtronics were chosen as the charge point supplier, as they were able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the users vision, plans and expectations.

Next came the vehicles themselves. Delivering in the early hours means a vehicle solution that is not only good for air pollution, but noise pollution too, and electric was the obvious choice to tick both boxes. Thanks to the versatility of their chassis, and its adaptability with either panel van or caged tipper derivatives, LDV were chosen as the vehicle supplier to help this years’ winner strive for a cleaner, more efficient operation.

They already have over 90 EV80’s in operation, and in the next few weeks, that will rise to just under 160... and the result of this means that their electric fleet will travel over 14 million miles a year, saving 3.4 million litres of diesel annually.