The Algorithm People

The Algorithm People helps all business types and organisations become more efficient by increasing vehicle utilisation, reducing costs and cutting emissions.


The electric vehicle revolution is well underway and sales of EVs are accelerating with an estimated 2 million on the world’s roads today.

Toyota & Lexus Fleet

Toyota was the first to bring a plug-in hybrid vehicle to the market with the original Prius Plug-in. Now we have moved the technology forward in a second generation model which can cover double the distance – more than 30 miles – and achieve much higher speeds in all-electric, emissions-free driving.


ElectrAssure is an EV charging specialist focused on fleet and workplace electric vehicle charging solutions. Established in 2004, ElectrAssure has been delivering electric vehicle charging systems since 2012 and is NICEIC, ECA, SafeContractor and OLEV Approved.

A history of delivering success. Through our parent company Daimler, DFM have a heritage that spans all the way back to the invention of the world’s first automobile in 1886. DFM are in pole-position when it comes to accessing enhancements in the fields of mobility; whether that be from the newest vehicle technology or the latest in automotive analytics.